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Feb 13


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Clients of mine recently purchased a property, only to discover on closing that the air conditioner had been removed right before closing. They now find themselves in the midst of a small claims court action for damages for the loss of the value of the unit – which was only one year... [ more ]
Nov 14

Buying a House (with your parents)

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Back in “the day” when a young person buying a home needed some help from his/her parents to get their first mortgage, the parents would act as “guarantors” of the mortgage.  This obviously came with risk to the parents, but more often than not, after those risks were... [ more ]
Jun 13

Seller Property Information Sheet (SPIS) – Just Don’t Go There!

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Here is a copy of a blog posted on Barriston LLP's web site: written by David Lucenti, Associate.  Thansk David! A couple of weeks ago, a client came in to see me regarding the sale of her home.  She asked me to review the... [ more ]
Oct 31

Barriston LLP Announcement

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Barriston LLP, Emerges As Simcoe County's Largest Full Service Law Firm Effective, October 1, 2011, Burgar Rowe Professional Corporation and Purser Dooley Cockburn Smith LLP, two of the most respected law firms in the region have merged and rebranded to become Barriston LLP, the largest law firm... [ more ]
Oct 31

Condominiums & Status Certificates

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If you are considering purchasing a condominium, you will no doubt have heard about status certificates. These are documents which are provided by the condominium corporation you are buying into, which outline a number of things about the condo and the building. Ontario law dictates fairly... [ more ]
Nov 8

What Your Lawyer Does on a Real Estate Purchase

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So what does the lawyer do anyway?  Well, here's a brief list of a few things your lawyer's office is working on behind the scenes, to make your deal close smoothly!  First, we sometimes get contacted by your agent to assist in drafting the Offer, if there are aspects of the deal which... [ more ]
Mar 29

HST and Resale Real Estate

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Many potential home buyers and sellers have been worried about the implications of the HST which kicks in as of July 1, 2010. In fact, no HST will be applicable on the purchase price of a resale home. Some ancillary services, however, will be subject to the new tax. Sellers will have to pay 13%... [ more ]
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